Masters of Cards

  If you say that I am a playing card master, and I will beat all my opponents, Master of Cards is your game. The masters of all the games have gathered here, Poker, Spade, Black Jack, Solitaire, Freecell, Hearts, Bluff, Crayz 8. Defeat the opponents from different countries of the world and have real gifts. With one application, download different card games to your phone, which is played all over the world. Would you like to be the first to try out the new card games prepared by our creative team, so right now download the game to your phone and take your place among the masters.

  Be ready for non-stop entertainment.

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Hunter’s Game

  Welcome to the hunters’ world, where everyone is hunting and looking for new victims. Go to a war zone, kill your opponents, and take their weapons and diamonds. Remember, those who show compassion in war cannot live, do not show compassion to live. Boosters will be the greatest helpers of you in the war zone, neutralize their opponents using boosters and destroy them. A real warrior can also fight nature, away from floods, lightning, hoses and snow storms. Also, if you do not pay attention to booby traps, you can be hunt while hunting.  Nobody except the hunters lives forever.

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Slice Star

  Your little rabbit is so hungry, are you ready to feed him? By cutting out the cakes, you can feed the rabbit. Be very careful when cutting, do not hit the fruit, or you will lose and your rabbit will stay hungry. Try to stay away from Ants and Butterflies; they do not want to share their cakes with you. More than 200 levels are waiting for you. Let’s feed our rabbit.

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  Can you burp 30 times in 60 seconds?
  Can you mimic a famous Youtuber or  Instagrammer?
  If your answer is YES, Lummy is your game.
  Now, Lift your head up and repeat ‘supercalifragilisticexpialidocious’ three times? Do you like it? We have more tasks for you, you have 60 seconds to show your performance, do your best dude. You can play LUMMY up to 7 friends at the same time.

  If you play LUMMY, you can SING, FART, SCREAM, ACT, SPIT, DANCE, SPANK, BURP, SPIN OR MIMIC with your friends.Do your best, beat all your friends and share videos on your social media accounts. Challenge them and show them who is the God of DANCE or FART.

  It is really easy to play. Add your friends name, choose your task cards and record your performance. If you wish, you can share on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Whatsapp, Messenger etc.
  You just need any friend that’s it, you do not need any equipment or tool.

  Fun forever 🙂

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