Hunter’s Game

The aim of the game is to destroy your enemies as much as you can and to save the spoils of the war and to get out alive from war area.

You can use the diamonds you collect from the war field to bid for auctioned gifts or to buy new weapons.

You can earn bonus gold when you complete the duty given you during the war.

A weapon you get during the war is added to your inventory.

If you die in the war field, you lose your weapon and the diamonds you collect.

You can add new weapons to your inventory by tapping the Market button.

Tap the inventory button to see the weapons in your inventory.

You can improve your character’s health, hit power, agility, speed, and armor by tapping on the “boost” button. You can also boost your powers on this screen.

Amulets make you stronger against your opponents and natural disasters during the war. While some amulets increase your strength, some amulets protect you from natural disasters. Depending on the amulet you have, your property will vary.

To make an offer for auctioned goods in an auction, you need to tap the bidding button at the bottom and enter your offer on the screen.

If you tap the plus button next to the amount of gold on the main page, the window where you can buy gold will be opened. When you complete the purchase here, golds will be loaded to your account.

You have to wait 30 minutes for filling each heart. If you want, you can make your life full by paying. You can also make your life full free of charge by watching ad videos.

To change the language of the game,  aftertapping the Settings button, you must tap the flags of countries button.