Slice Star

The aim of the game is to cut the cake in front of you without hitting the fruit. The faster you cut the cake, the better your chances of getting 3 stars.

They will prevent you from cutting the cake by going around randomly on the cake, if your finger hit the grapes you will lose.

They move randomly on the cake and prevent you from cutting the cake, they move slower than the grapes, but they will force you because their size is slightly larger than the grapes.

Carrots try to avoid you to cut the cake by moving left and right, up and down. If you hit carrots, you will lose.

Bananas that rotate around its own axis try to avoid you to cut the cake. If you hit the bananas, youwill lose.

Oranges are circulated at random on the cake, and they eat grapes and berries that they encounter, the fruit they eat are cloned and the number of fruit on the top of the cake increases. If you hit oranges, you will lose.

Watermelons rotate over the cake by drawing circles, be careful when cutting areas with watermelons if you touch the watermelon, you will lose.

Pineapples stand on over the cake without moving, if you hit the pineapple you will lose.

You cannot cut the cake if you hit the cake molds while cutting the cake.

You do not lose when you hit the cake molds

Pomegranates try to prevent you from cutting cake with small granules they threw out

Butterflies love cake,if there is a butterfly in the area you are trying to cut, you cannot cut the cake. You must wait for the butterfly to move away to cut the cake.

The ants do not want to share the cake with you, so they try to eat the cake before you cut it. You must cut your cake before the ants eat it.

You cannot cut the cake if there’s an ant on aplacethat you’re trying to cut.

Like the butterflies, the bee tries to prevent you from cutting the cake by roaming over the cake. You cannot cut the cake if there is a bee in theplacewhere you try to cut.

If there is jelly on the cake, you must first cut off the part with the jelly, and then cut the cake.

The Bomb boosters allow you to destroy the fruit on the cake. After tapping the Bomb booster,if you touch the fruit that you want to destroy, this fruit explodes. You can cut the cake more easily by reducing the number of fruits.

Super knife allows you to easily cut cake, fruity, cake molds. The fruit you cut in half will disappear and they will no longer be able to stop you to cut the cake.

If you squeeze chocolate sauce anywhere you want on the screen, the fruit that passes over chocolate sauce sticks there and they cannot block you.

If you use the freeze booster, the fruit you touch will freeze for a while and will not prevent you from cutting your cake by walking anymore around the cake.

If you turn the color of the fruit into brown, it can no longer block you, even if there is any fruit in the area that you cut, they disappear when the part is cut.

To remove the ants, bees, and butterflies from the cake, you can give them a cupcake that they love. You can put the cupcake booster anywhere on the screen, all the ants, bees and butterflies on the cake will gather around the cupcake and they will not stop you from cutting the cake.

Whenever you start the game, the booster purchasing screen comes up against you, and you can buy the booster you want to use during the game.

You can chance settings by tapping the settings button

To turn off the sounds and music in the game, you have to tap the settings button first, then tap the sound and music buttons in the appearing window, you can now turn the music and sound of the game on and off.

After tapping the Settings button, you can change the game’s language by tapping the flag picture in the appearing window.

To earn gold for free you only need to tap on the ad tracking button, and you will earn gold for every ad you watch.

After you tap on the Market button, you can complete the process by choosing how many golds you want to receive, you can get as much gold as you want.